Turning challenges into new opportunities

Great ideas that become a reality

Our openness to new ideas is reflected in more than 6,500 products shipped to date

You tell us what it is you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the most efficient way to get there. All our departments work hand in hand to this end. Our engineers will provide you with advice and support tailored to the individual product:

  • Optimal product design and materials
  • Selection of the most suitable production method
  • Use of the ideal tool and automation technology

Our 3D analyses serve as a starting point for pre-production checks – often aided by a model – to determine whether the product is fundamentally suitable as a thermoplastic part and whether it meets your needs. Another advantage for you here is that our engineers use this model to test the design concept’s potential for optimisation. This speeds up the development process and makes it even more efficient.

Hybrid parts for the automotive industry

In lightweight automotive construction, for instance, CO2 emissions regulations are forever being tightened up. Our innovative hybrid moulded parts made from a combination of plastic and metal – high functional integration included – comply with these standards in every respect.

We also develop hybrid solutions to meet numerous other requirements, for instance

  • Electrical insulation
  • Structural durability and toughness
  • Gas impermeability
  • Good tracking resistance
  • Low surface resistance using composite structures comprised of metals and high-strength plastics

How we work

Concept analysis – 3D simulation – Material selection – Prototype production – Component testing – Quality planning


Advanced technologies backed up by experience, know-how and creativity drive the development of highly precise prototypes – the beginning of excellent, made-to-measure solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

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