Our references in the plant & machinery construction industry

Only optimally interacting components make a functional unit

Without our specialist know-how, many products would be impossible

Our bespoke product development has already helped many businesses in the plant and machinery construction industry. We can think of numerous instances where products would probably never have been realised without our support.

Typical Lüttgens products high speed matrix print head

  • Designed completely in 3D 
  • 3D FEM calculation 
  • 3D filling and distortion studies 
  • Several different interfaces for importing customer data (VDA, Step, Catia, IGES, etc.) 
  • Prototyping 
  • Development qualification tests

Consumer Goods Industry

It’s often easy to underestimate the complexity of the technology underlying everyday objects. This is yet another area where we have regularly succeeded in raising the technological bar.

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