Lüttgens mould-making

The foundation for off-the-shelf precision

Masters at work – precision-built by people and machines

The foundation for reliable, exact-fit production is laid in the mould-making department with high quality, durable injection moulds and fixtures. The complex geometries which are often unavoidable call for utmost precision on the part of people and machines alike. The combination of long-standing experience and the data models created previously guarantees smooth production processes and perfect moulds.

The detailed path to the ideal product

After every opportunity for optimisation has been taken, the moulds are manufactured on highly efficient milling and eroding machines. Our own CNC machining centres are your guarantee of perfect quality and reproducibility. In the final step, we use “run@rate” analyses to verify upfront whether the injection moulds and fixtures are suitable for series production. You can rest assured that the quantities you require will be ready to ship when it matters most.

Our precision workmanship has crucial benefits for you

  • Reproducibility and rapid response to changes or improvements
  • Fast delivery 

High precision for complex moulded parts

  • Manufactured using modern CNC machines
  • 6,500 moulds fabricated to date – extensive know-how

Advanced technology for optimal results

All machines used by Lüttgens are in accordance with the latest state of the art:

  • 3D CAD/CAM HSC machining centres
  • Electrical discharge (EDM) machines
  • Wire EDM machines
  • Automatic lathes


The production shop is where ideas – our customers’ ideas – become a reality.

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