Our references in the automotive supplies industry

Optimal durability and efficiency

Each time you change up a gear, it could be thanks to us

The advantages of hybrid parts are also increasingly appreciated in the automotive industry. A reduced weight and superior loading capacity – two key factors leading to higher efficiency – are compelling arguments for more and more suppliers in this sector. Many of them already leverage our development and manufacturing know-how to optimise their products.


Typical Lüttgens products for the automotive industry Gear lever

  • Steel, aluminium, rubber 
  • PA 66, PES-GF 30/PTFE, PA 46/PTFE 
  • Overmoulded on our two-component machine with automatic feeding and removal 
  • Mould design, handling machine: Lüttgens

Energy Industry

The energy segment holds a host of exciting challenges – including but not limited to the energy turnaround – in which our expertise provides the inspiration for new benchmarks with innovations made to measure.

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