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An idea becomes reality

Once we’ve identified the most promising idea from among several possible concepts, we translate it into reality with a blend of expertise and utmost precision. To make sure we come up with a top-quality result in the short time available, we make use of advanced technologies such as simulations based on the finite element method (FEM). Mould fill simulations help us optimise the component design still further. The first prototype is only manufactured from a 3D printer or the prototype mould when all simulations conform to our high standards.

Detailed materials expertise

The ideal geometry of the component is one thing – determining the perfect combination of materials is an entirely different challenge. There are approximately two hundred different types of plastics and thirty thousand types of materials. Consideration must be given to the material’s strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance, look and feel and possible combinations with other materials.

Benefits for you:

  • Full 3D associativity through all development stages
  • Extensive materials expertise
  • Wide range of materials to satisfy all requirements
  • Cooperation across department boundaries – inefficiencies reduced to a minimum
  • Long-standing experience with globally sourced injection moulds and moulding fixtures

How prototyping works

Design – FEM simulation – Mould fill simulation – Prototype (from a 3D printer or prototype mould) – Standard mould/automation design – Mould proving – Measurement – Release for series production

Mould Making

In order for a prototype to succeed in series production, excellent technical expertise and proficiency in mould-making are a must – along with a passion for utmost precision.

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