The Lüttgens story

Decades of experience make the difference

Making history with craftsmanship and precision

Lüttgens has specialised in plastics technology ever since it was first founded. As a family firm in the third generation, we have always felt a strong commitment to our home town of Heiligenhaus and our team of highly qualified staff. Where we come from and the people who work for us are important factors in our ongoing success story, which has lasted now for nearly eighty years.

Cutting-edge products carefully tailored to user needs are an integral element of our history because innovation has a long tradition at Lüttgens. We get together with our customers to develop ideas and transform them into successful products. In the meantime, more than 6,500 different articles have been designed and manufactured by us.

Back in 1974, Germany hosted – and won – the football World Cup. The game against Holland began with a penalty for the other side and was packed with excitement for the full ninety minutes. On that memorable day, the German team played in boots that were equally remarkable – they were the first ever to feature hybrid studs, made by Lüttgens.
The rest is history.

Milestones in our history

3D mould design takes off along with product development with the Cimatron CAD/CAM system
1937 Dietrich Lüttgens GmbH & Co. KG is founded by Dietrich Lüttgens as a company for processing moulded thermosets
1950 Lüttgens expands into thermoplastics processing
1970  Introduction of two-component injection moulding
1972  Thermoset production discontinued
1980 Extension of the plant to 6,100 m²
1990  Gas injection technology (GIT) makes its debut
1995 3D mould design takes off along with product development with the Cimatron CAD/CAM system
1999  First 3D filling and distortion studies with the SigmaSOFT system
2004  CAD environment extended with Catia V5 
2005  Total floor space increased again to 7,800 m²  
2005  Acquisition of a ZEISS 3D coordinate measuring machine to enable 3D CNC measurements
2007  New 2,000 m² facility opens in Poland
2010  Production in Germany and Poland undergoes a major reorganisation
2011  Measuring equipment augmented with a two-roller testing appliance for precision measuring and testing of gear wheels and drive sprockets 
2012  Major new investment in precision measuring technology: universal testing machine for pressure and tensile tests
2012  75th anniversary of the founding of Dietrich Lüttgens GmbH & Co. KG and 5th anniversary of Lüttgens Polska Sp. z o. o. Sp.k. 
2016  New production facility opens in Nielbark, Poland

Where We Are

In the same way as our history determines how we act in our daily work, where we come from also influences the way we serve our customers worldwide.

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