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Optimal quality for optimal results

Some people talk non-stop about quality – we just deliver it

Thermodynamic processes in particular call for robust, fine-tuned parameters and absolutely repeatable machine cycles. We guarantee this with a high level of automation. Since all production machinery is linked up to a control centre, we can take corrective action instantly if even the most trivial non-conformances occur.

No-compromise customer satisfaction – conversion included

Like the entire product development phase, our production is closely aligned to your priorities and the requirements of your processes. The products we manufacture can be installed directly in components and subassemblies or converted to finished products. They can be printed with a decorative design or simply with a functional marking.

Our services for you:

  • Efficient series production 
  • Visual inspection systems
  • Component assembly
  • Conversion to finished products
  • Final assembly

Our technologies and processes:

  • Injection moulding – 40 injection moulding machines
  • Machine clamping forces from 6 kN to 10,000 kN 
  • Product weights from 0.1 g to 4,000 g
  • Special processes: Gas injection technology (GIT), two-component injection moulding
  • Surface finishing techniques: Pad printing, screen printing, hot foil stamping, coating/lacquering, laser marking 
  • Joining techniques: Ultrasonic welding, hot mounting, bonding, assembly

Environmentally aware production/energy management

  • Continuous optimisation of the carbon footprint
  • Lasting improvement in material and energy efficiency


Quality Control

High quality and precision are essential for each and every one of our products. Meticulous quality controls are just one way of maintaining the ambitious standards we set ourselves throughout the development and production process.

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